Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the simplest and fastest way to brighten your smile. 

One-Hour Teeth Whitening
The most popular choice for whitening teeth is our in-office one-hour teeth whitening system. It offers immediate results that can last months. The typical patient sees their teeth become whiter by an average of four to six shades in just one hour. We also offer you take-home whitening trays so that you can touch up your teeth anytime at home. 

How does the one-hour teeth whitening procedure work?
The one-hour teeth whitening system is safe and comfortable. We place a chemically activated gel on your teeth for one hour and you lie back and listen to your iPod or watch a movie! The gel breaks up stains and removes minor discoloration. Our system does not use a hot light, which reduces sensitivity and makes the procedure a lot more pleasant.

Traditional Take-Home Teeth Whitening
If you do not want to do the one-hour in-office teeth whitening system, we can make take-home teeth whitening gel trays for you. The take home gel is a less concentrated version of the in-office gel. With the take-home tray system, you place the gel on the trays and place the trays on your teeth about 15-30 minutes. Usually, 7-14 times of this treatment result in teeth that are four to six shades whiter. There is usually minor sensitivity with this system, but OTC pain medication usually keeps it away.

I've tried whitening my teeth and it just didn't work!
Sometimes the stain on your teeth can be very deep. This can be a result of a childhood injury, a side effect of antibiotics, or just natural color variation. In these cases, the best option to give you a new smile is veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain "jackets" that cover your teeth and block out unwanted stains. 

Teeth Whitening


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